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About Us

Chamba Talent Hunt is a dream come true for us!! This site aims to discover local talents and give them a platform. It is an opportunity for any individual with a talent that needs to be identified,showcased and promoted.  The auditions will be conducted at different places of the district. Our experienced judges will select the best ones. Final audition will be done at Himachal Education Society near Raj Naun, Chamba. Register with us soon to give a boost to your career. If you are talented than grab the opportunity to become a successful star. It’s a chance for you to participate in this program. They make their career in Acting , Dancing & Singing, comedy and others field with join our company on low cost.
This is a program as a career progress support for new generation. You have seen so many realities through it. But that program does not give a career to the girls/boys. Many people going outside the city for find the talent hunt platform where they express it. With the hope but they can’t get support we are trying to give actual support to them in taking there to the sky. If you want proper and genuine chance and as well as guidance then join our concern. Now register for the Chamba Talent Hunt your career will be perfect if you have Talent, this will give you perfect act. Now Join Us Our Plateform & Website just click on the mouse within link and know about the chamba talented people's.

The Chamba Talent Hunt Guideline

I. Purpose

A. Search for the best talent in Chamba district.
B. Encouragement of such talent through scholarships and financial assistance.
C. No age bar and anybody come to join us.
II. Method

A. Public elimination of finalists from try outs
B. Judged by experts
C. Demonstration on national level
III. Judges’ Briefing

A. On goals
B. On scope of the whole program of local, state, district and national presentation
1. To encourage
a. Hard working committee
b. Hard working music teachers who work many extra hours for this
2. To aid in the judges’ understanding of what type of talent should win – that is, to choose winners who will be able to advance or be trained in their talent
IV. Pointers for Judges

A. Winner should show an ability to win in greater eliminations (district)
B. Talent of the contestant should be considered foremost and not be hindered by weaknesses found in the accompanist.
C. The talent of an individual and his total ability should be considered rather than disqualifying him/her because of a personality clash.
D. Talent of a contestant should be thoroughly judged in the light of his/her being a high school student, and not an artist or college student.
E. The talent of a contestant should be considered by degrees of his various abilities in techniques, general musicianship, etc.
F. Judges completely fill out one contestant’s blank form before the next contestant appears.
G. The talent of any senior, now ready and qualified to enter music school should have priority over any junior sophomore, who has a chance to grow and achieve more and be more ready for competition and further training in his/her senior.

With Regards
Mr. Narender Singh Sandhu
Mr. Satayabir Singh Sandhu