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Chamba - Jewellery

Chubby jewellery laden with beads and metals are the traditional jewellery of the Himachali people and is in huge demand. Echoing the other communities of the tribal people, the traditional dress is filled with jewellery almost for every part of the body.

Gold and silver are made to design finer jewelleries. During the rule of the Rajput Kingdom over Himachal, the jewelers of Kangra, Kullu, Chamba and Manali were extremely famous.

They mostly designed with silver and were fractional to blue and green enameling. They shaped superb jewels like oval anklets, firmand strong bangles, ornaments for the hair, Necklaces, and pendants having motifs of the goddess.

An erstwhile Kangra prototype for silver anklets featured a series of birds which were connected by links made purely out of silver. Sadly, these jewellery could not stand the test of time and are no longer made. They now grace the shelves of museums like the Kangra Art Museum in Dharamsala, the State Museum in Shimla and the Bhuri Singh Museum in Chamba.