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People's Living Style

Most villages have a temple, where people congregate for worshipMost of the people of Himachal Pradesh are engaged in the field of agriculture and while other lives a simple lifes.Many people derive their income from sheep, goats, and other cattle. Ninety percent of the people live in villages and small towns. Villages usually have terraced fields and small two storey houses with sloping roof. The villages are mostly self-contained with a few shops to take care of basic necessities of life. Nearly 90% of the population of HP is Hindus and others are Buddists who are mostly found in McLeodganj, Dharamshal and some areas of Spiti and Lahaul. You can find many Hindu communities in Himachal Pradesh. Some of them are Brahmins, Rajputs, Kannets, Rathis and Kolis. The people of Himachal Pradseh are humble and helpful. These people don't live in the modern world, they just believes the valleys and mountains of Himachal Pradeshas their home. That's why they live so simply and peacefully. You can also find number of tribal people in Himachal Pradesh. The different tribal communities in Himachal Pradesh are Gaddis, Kinnar, Gujjars, Pangawals and Lahaulis. Most of these tribal people are lives in the hilly forests of Himachal Pradesh. You can take a tribal tour of Himachal Pradesh to know more about them. A number of Nepali origin people also come to Himachal Pradesh in search of employment.

Languages in Himachal Pradesh

As most of the people in Himachal Pradesh are Hindus, they don't speak languages like Urdu. These people mostly speak Pahari language which they use to interact with others. Some of the people also uses Kashmiri language to communicate with others. Other than Pahari and Prakrit, some also speaks in Punjabi language due to joint border of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.

Traditional Dresses in Himachal Pradesh

The traditional dresses of different peoples in himachal Pradesh depends on to the origin they belong. Most of the women are found in Scarves and shawls while the men are found in different kinds of Kurtas and Himachali caps.
The Rajputs of Himachal Pradesh are dressed most distinctly. The men of this community wears stiffened Kutas and Churidaars. Women wear salwars, ghaghri, choli and Rahide. The farmers are mostly seen in simple Kurtas and women are seen wear a traditional cloth on head named Dhatu.

People and Lifestyle of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has a very distinct population that is composed of ethno linguistic groups of tribal’s and socials. Scores of ethnic groups have their home in Himachal Pradesh. Most of the natives belong to the Aryan origin while the people of Lahaul and Spiti district are essentially descendants of Mongols. Among all the natives hat reside in the various regions of Himachal Pradesh, you should see the people pf Kinnaur region, who are supposed to be very beautiful and have an extraordinary collection of ornaments.
Himachal Pradesh has an intricately woven number of races, sects and communities. Come to Himachal to experience the real culture of Himachal Pradesh that has been fostered by these discrete people who live harmoniously on the same land.