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Chamba - Weaving-Rugs & Carpets

Himachal and its furnishing can never be complete without carpets and blankets. Their colorful motifs and traditional pahari design can even challenge the established Persian aesthetic. Garudas (Vishnu’s mount, the eagle) balanced on blossoming trees, Swastikas, dragons are some of the themes that they depict in the carpet and in the blanket making them look fabulous.

Made from the wool of Giangi Sheep, This wool is used to weave bags and Blankets which usually sport a natural color and come with red and black borders.  Known as 'Gudma', The Blankets are specially woven in the Kullu valley due to the presence of a particular kind of clay which craftsmen use to perfect the same. The furnishing range includes thobis (floor coverings), karcha (mattresses), which are made from goat hair, pattoo cloth (like shawls), carpets and yarn crafted from ultra soft wool.