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Chamba Caves / Mines

Famous for Copper Mines

Chamba Old Copper mine located at Silaghart village 25km from Chamba near Saho road. This mine over 200 years near historical Himachal Pradesh. Raja Pratap Singh Verma (1559-86 AD), the erstwhile ruler of Chamba state, exploited the copper mines to make coins as state coinage. The mines supported the erstwhile state for over 300 years.The metal was also used to repair historically important temples of Lakshmi Narayan in Chamba and Chander Shekhar Maharaj in Sahoo that were in a bad shape.The mines were abandoned around 200 years ago. The famous temple Chandar Shakhar Mahadev at Saho established shiv structure for using copper of this mine. Present Condition – Present condition of these mines is not good anybody cannot take chance to reach there because of land sliding, breaking inside wall, deep